Montana-Grown Electro Thunder Funk

Bozeman, Montana grown Electro Thunder Funk Band

Past, Present, & Future

Well, it's safe to say we started the New Year off with a bang. Or dozens of bangs, rather. At least those hundreds of balloons that Frank and Jesse single-handedly inflated by a feat of sheer lung strength were good for something.


Oh, 2015. Hey. You're up early. What's going on? I'll tell you what's going on.

1. It's time to pump out an album. We've been hard at work preparing our practice space to become the epicenter of musical creation. The recording studio of doom, as our producer, Jesse Barney, might say. Inside, we'll have the better part of two months to write, record, and rerecord the material that will make up CFTC's third studio release, and the first featuring our newest member, Steve Brown on vocals & percussion.

2. It's time to drive around the Rockies in a big van pulling a big trailer. Buckle up. A couple tours are already under our belt, and the fun will soon return at the end of this month. Check out our TOUR DATES! More are being added every day.

3. We've got some huge announcements coming up. You literally won't be able to miss them they're so large and cumbersome. One of them happens tomorrow! Get stoked.

That's all for now. Sleep tight, friends.