Montana-Grown Electro Thunder Funk

Bozeman, Montana grown Electro Thunder Funk Band

The Squeeze

It's a Monday night in mid January and we're feeling it. The Squeeze, that is. Not all of us are available to practice, but the deadline for finishing our new album is looming, so we got together as many as we could to run over the two new tunes we started last week.

Matt (left) and Garrett (right) play through the structure of a new tune while Steve (center) jots down lyrical ideas for the chorus.

The process of writing new music has always been an interesting process for us with so many cooks in the kitchen. We try our hardest to write 100% collaboratively, but with six or seven of us sitting in a room at any given time, it can be slow going. Inevitably, conflicts arise and egos get bruised. It's just one of those risks we take when we open up and put our souls into our work. If we dare to let ourselves get out there and be truly creatively vulnerable, we're bound to get stung once in a while. Plus, we've got to be willing to be shut down in order to open our minds, gain new perspective and write the best music we possibly can. There's no room or time for anything less. 

That said, we've been getting better and better at surrendering to the flow, letting our personal attachments and preconceived notions go, and just making music that we love. A year ago, writing two new songs in the span of one rehearsal would have been unheard of. But not in 2015. We're a different band that we were last week, let alone last year. We're obviously not perfect, but we're making moves because that's the only thing we can do as we surrender to the pressure of what is on the horizon for our coming year.

We'll be back at it with the full band tomorrow night, hashing out the ideas that were presented tonight, and pushing ever closer to finishing an album of new work. Appropriately titled, "The Squeeze."

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