Montana-Grown Electro Thunder Funk

Bozeman, Montana grown Electro Thunder Funk Band

"The Squeeze" - Day 1

We have had our stuff set up to track and record for a couple weeks now, but last night was the first time that we and our producer, Jesse Barney, all stepped into the room to create a final take. Our mission is simple. Focus on one song per night and get "THE Take," so we can wrap this album in record time with minimal overdubs and maximum live band energy. Because that's what it's all about!

We have just enough time to record all of our songs and do a few key overdubs in time to produce and release this album by early April. That's when we hit the road for the Southeast United States. A few months may seem like easily enough time, but we are feeling "The Squeeze" more than ever.

That's because we're not just trying to slam out a product, slap a title on it and go. We're trying harder than ever to put out the absolute best product any of us have ever put our names on. We're not putting it together piece by piece, pursuing perfection one instrument at a time. We want the method chosen by our mentors, our influences, and our biggest musical heroes.

Record it all live in the room, together, as a band until we love it.

As the night went on, we we're picking apart little bits here and there, listening to takes, identifying weaknesses, simplifying parts that don't serve the betterment of the whole tune, and focusing on making a better performance each time we counted off. It was tremendously challenging, but the end result of our efforts was the so satisfying.

So satisfying in fact, that Jesse and I went straight back to the studio at RedBrain after our recording session last night to make a rough mix. I sat there and watched Jesse slam this thing out like nothing, only to hear the song we had just spent hours refining really start to come to life in the span of about an hour.

Jesse would probably be the first to tell you that because we all buckled down, listened intently, made sacrifices, played with focus, and got the product we wanted in the room together, the song basically mixed itself.

It felt good to go to bed tired knowing that I personally put it all out there, and I know that the other guys felt the same. It's exciting to know that we've got our second opportunity to play what we want to hear coming up right now. 

Seriously right now. I gotta go or I'll be late, and the band hates it when I'm late.