Montana-Grown Electro Thunder Funk

Bozeman, Montana grown Electro Thunder Funk Band

Good Vibes & Valentines

We were settled in and ready to roll when showtime came around for night 2 at the Mangy Moose. Credit is due in large part to our very hospitable booking agent and Jackson resident, Matt Donovan and his lovely girlfriend, Liz, who let us ransack their house with the fury of seven dudes after night one.

Frank and Garrett cooked us a kick ass breakfast on Saturday morning as the sun shone brightly on a bluebird 40+ degree day. All this warm weather has made for a weird Rocky Mountain winter, but it was very conducive to a friendly game of 4-on-4 whiffle ball in the adjacent park. My team was winning 8-7 until Frank hit a 2 run walk-off home run and got the ball stuck in a tree. I contend that it was a ground rule double and the game ended in a tie, but he made breakfast so I'll let him have the W.

At show time, we put our most 'romantic' foot forward with a few strategically planned 'love' songs... Tunes like "Debra" by Beck, "Girlfriend Is Better," by the Talking Heads, and "Business TIme," by Flight of the Concords, featuring Frank "lady killer" Douglas on lead vocals. Bobby Griffith of Sneaky Pete and the Secret Weapons joined us to sing (and crush) "Slippery People" in the second set, then came back on to play some rockin' percussion during New Drug as well.

By the end of the night, we had sold a bunch of our brand new snowy owl pins (which are available in our online store), and even met a gentleman from Australia who is keen on helping us set up a tour in the Land Down Under! The Sneaky Pete boys were super generous and let us crowd into their basement jam space to crash after some short but spirited partying.

The weather for the drive home was beautiful, and Garrett and I had a chance to get some composition done in our new make-shift #curetour creation station. It may be a while before any of our work sees the light of day, but it's a step towards using our van time to write more tunes and make hours on the road a bit more entertaining.

Anyways, we hope your Valentines/Singles Awareness Day was as pleasant as ours. Look out for more #curetour antics next weekend as we head back to the SIckhouse in Idaho Falls (2/20) on our way to play Canyons Resort in Park City, UT (2/21)!