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The Squeeze: Overdubs with Jordan

This is a really exciting part of the process for us. We wrapped the principal recording of The Squeeze last Thursday before our trips to Idaho Falls and Park City, (which were killer!) and with barely a moment to rest, we're back at it working late into the night on the next phase of the project: Overdubs.

Jordan is up first, working to shore up just a few missed notes and occasionally putting a little extra spank on his moments in the spotlight.

Jesse Barney (left) and Jordan Rodenbiker (right) in the studio at RedBrain Media in Bozeman, Montana.

Jordan's job is not easy. He has the fewer musical years on his instrument than any of us in the band by quite a few, yet he is and has been tasked with holding down the low end of an ambitious and progressive funk rock band. As we have grown, so has he. By leaps and bounds. We're still hard on him to continue to embrace the necessity of his role as a bass player, to play fewer notes, and to be on time to the van, but he takes it all in stride as one of the kindest and most genuine humans you could ever meet. 

I met Jordan for the first time at our very first jam session, before CFTC was even CFTC. At the time, he had only been playing bass for four or five months altogether. After six years of practice, recording, and touring with this man at my side, I can safely say this album is collectively the nastiest bass performance I've ever heard him lay down. As we stepped into the studio setting night after night, sometimes with half-written songs, he consistently stepped up to the plate, took critique, and simplified his approach to get it done. As a result, he has come out with a fantastic performance that, I believe, will stand as one of his best for a long time to come.

I must say, it has really helped to have fellow bass player and producer/guidance counselor extraordinaire, Jesse Barney, at the helm of the recording and mixing process. Jesse is as close and familial to this band as anyone ever, yet he maintains that external observational perspective that allows him to push each of us in the right direction at the right time in a way that we can't possibly push each other. 

We will forever be in his debt for the role he has played in our growth. That, and he's put in a ridiculous amount of time on this record so far, with so much left to do in so little time. More on Jesse in a future post. For now, I better go fetch these guys water... or beer. It's gonna be a late one.

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