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Bozeman, Montana grown Electro Thunder Funk Band

The Squeeze Pre-Release Tour: Pacific Northwest

We finished the album this week! It meant so much that Jesse's wife, Selah, threw us a little party, cooked us dinner, and made a cake to commemorate the occasion.  it was probably more so to celebrate the liberation of her husband from the clutches of "The Squeeze".


It just goes to show the kind of intensity with which it's been commanding our lives. Jesse's most of all. It's humbling to know that he puts so much weight on this album. To know that someone outside the band, even someone as close as Jesse, cares so much about this work is encouraging and a little bit frightening. I hope the rest of our fans, friends, and family (you all!), as well as those around the country we have yet to meet, can feel the work and commitment that's gone into it when you play it. If you care about it half as much as we do, then we've done our job.

Anyways, this morning were in the car on the way to the PNW. Moscow Idaho at John's Alley tonight, then Bend, Hood River, Eugene, Cottage Grove, Astoria, Portland, Vancouver, and Seattle.  

It's going to be a fun run, and I look forward to seeing a bunch my old friends along the way! If you know anyone in any of these places send them to our tour page for more info. We love to meet new folks, and of course, your friends are our friends.