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Recap: Long Weekend

Last weekend was a doozie! We headed out for Missoula on Thursday to support Twiddle at the Top Hat with the help of our boys the Kitchen Dwellers. Without so much as catching Twiddle's full set, we hopped in the rig and drove through the night to make it to the Reef in Boise, ID, where we were playing with Twiddle the next night. We had a blast there, but once again took off right after the gig to get to Sun Valley in time for our aprés ski set at Sun Valley's River Run Lodge... the first of three gigs in two days in the Ketchum area.

 Twiddle at The Top Hat, Missoula, MT - 2/26/15

Twiddle at The Top Hat, Missoula, MT - 2/26/15

Gig #1 was cool. We got set up and were treated to a nice lunch before playing our quietest loud music for a huge lodge of dining skiers. We met some cool folks and eager dancers, but had no luck finding Liz, who should have been there. Just ask the ladies in the front row.

The second gig of the day was a night show at Whiskey Jacque's in downtown Ketchum. As we began our soundcheck, we were greeted by a room full of people ready to get down at the word go. They boo'd us when we told them it was just our soundcheck and we'd be back in 5 minutes. We showed back up shortly to rage a night full of music for a bachelorette party, a bunch of rowdy funky folks, and a handful of people who had seen us early in the day at the River Run lodge. It was a stellar night to say the least.

The next day, we showed up to a much smaller lodge at the Warm Springs lift and prepared to load our gear inside on what was shaping up to be a gorgeous day. It quickly became apparent that we should have played outside, but we made the best of the situation and a solid room full of folks enjoying our music by the end of the day.

After it was all said and done, Garrett and I got into a betting situation where he was doubting the snow gripping abilities of my trusty moccasins. I bet him I could get further up the ski hill than he could in his shoes, so he went to put on his boots, and we had it out. After what felt like about a mile of walking up the ski run at Warm Springs, he turned around and started sliding his way to the bottom, while I kept climbing to win myself a gentleman's wager. It was exhausting, but worth it.

We stayed the night in town to avoid driving home through the night (again), at which point we found ourselves on the Sun Valley ice rink well after hours, inventing a game which will soon take Canada by storm: egg shaker hockey. It was a late night and a long drive home the next day, but it was all very worthwhile. We'll be back to Ketchum soon to pick up where we left off. Hopefully with a bunch more music and good times to come.