Montana-Grown Electro Thunder Funk

Bozeman, Montana grown Electro Thunder Funk Band

Day 4/31: Fargo, ND

Today was a fine day in Fargo, ND. It was cold and drizzly with mixed snow and rain all day which was part of what made it an ideal Monday to chill inside, set up our gear, get comfortable, and play some casual music. We broke it down to the details and packed in a lot of material for one session. We fired up some old originals, breathed some new life into a few stagnating sections, and blazed some new trails through improv with the help of some fresh new hand signals. Needless to say, we were firing on all cylinders and letting the improv roll. Spirits we're high.


#CureTour rolls on tomorrow. We'll be up before the sun once again for a nice little jaunt down to St. Louis, MO, where we will be playing 2720 Cherokee tomorrow night. Better get some sleep!